Scott has a strong reputation throughout the valley as a go-to expert for Farmland sales, for both buyers and sellers alike.

With a 4-year degree specializing in real estate, Scott understands the intricacies of land acquisition, and the subsequent analysis of water, topography, climate, ALR restrictions and logistics to ensure no negative surprises on your purchase.

With experience at the largest cherry operation in Canada, Scott has excellent industry connections that prove to be invaluable throughout the process of buying and selling farmland. Scott provides prompt, professional and knowledgeable representation to all clients, including smaller growers looking to expand their land holdings, and the largest growers in B.C. seeking to break into new markets. Most notably, Scott has completed a 1500 acre, 11 title bare-land ranch conversion into a horticultural use, and a 150+ acre viticultural land assembly for a large winery project.


Farmland Listings