B.C. Residents Spending Eye-popping Amount of Income on Rent June 20, 2024

Discover the staggering amount of income B.C. residents are spending on rent, with insights from a Royal LePage report and the impact of new rental legislation.

B.C. Residents Spending Eye-popping Amount of Income on Rent

A sobering report from Royal LePage reveals the staggering amount of income Vancouver and B.C. residents are spending on rent. Here’s a detailed look at the current rental market in British Columbia and its implications.

High Percentage of Income Spent on Rent

According to the report, 23% of renters in B.C. spend up to 30% of their net income on rent, while 42% spend between 31% and 50%. Alarmingly, 25% of renters allocate more than 50% of their net income to rent, far above the national average of 16%.

Vancouver’s Expensive Rental Market

Vancouver continues to be Canada’s most expensive rental market due to high demand and limited supply. Despite a slight improvement in rental supply, affordability remains a significant challenge for tenants facing some of the highest rental prices in the country.

Future Outlook and Legislation Impact

Looking ahead, 27% of renters plan to purchase a property in the next two years, while 52% do not. New provincial rental legislation, such as the recent Airbnb regulations, has influenced the market. Some potential landlords have exited the market, posing a challenge for rental supply creation.


The high cost of rent in B.C. significantly impacts residents’ financial well-being. Despite legislative efforts to improve affordability, the demand for rental housing in Vancouver remains strong, and many renters continue to spend a substantial portion of their income on housing.

Article Credit: Amir Ali, Daily Hive